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Photos - Solar System

Comet ISON, 4/11/13, taken using Skywatcher 120 equinox, SX H16 camera 


Saturn, captured with a phillips SPC 900NC webcam on a Orion 150mm reflector, EQ3 mount. Image processed with Registrax software


Moon on new years eve 2009, with Canon 400D on William Optics 66mm mounted on EQ3. processed with photoshop

Moon and Venus, taken on 1/12/08 with Canon 400D


Comet Holmes, Jan 2008, Canon 400 on 6" Newtonian

 Jupiter, captured with a webcam on a SkyWatcher Equinox 120mm, Celestron CG5 Mount.  Image processed with Registrax software

Jupiter again, October 11 2010, one ring vanished.  Io and Europa are the two Moons shown, Image captured with a DBK 21AU04.AS camera on a C11 scope.