Observatory Build

Obsy build

Getting fed up lugging and setting up gear, I decided to start planning for a permanent set up.  

a) I got a small engineering firm to make up a Pier from this drawing dowloaded from the web at  http://www.richweb.f9.co.uk/astro/construction.htm#Pier_And_Pier_to_Wedge_Mount .

b) Looked around for a suitable garden shed to adapt to a roll off roof design.  Saw a suitable candidate here called the "CABIN GARDEN SHED (Timore)"  10 ft X 6ft in Abwood, Wicklow http://www.abwood.ie/gardensheds.htm

c) Drew up some plans see below.

d) Selected site.

e) remove pear tree.

f) Next steps
dig hole for pier foundation, position bolts and fill with concrete
order shed.  Supplier cut roof and floor to dimensions on drawing supplied. 
adapt roof according to plan
start imaging